Just 6 songs tell the whole caboodle. Can I recommend that you play them and watch the slide show below just to get the feel of it:

And the feel of Scotland from the wonderful Cosmic Hippos:

By the Loch

This blog is a series of pieces based on my experiences of world travel. But it is more than just a collection of travelogues from an international teacher. It touches on history, culture, global issues and the nature of travel itself. I try to include the humour that is the consummate article of luggage for any serious traveller. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, but always thought-provoking, it is supported by photographs taken at the time and aims to take you with me on my global journeys – from Devon to Damascus, from Henley-on-Thames to Hungary. Follow on the trail of a long lost relative, killed in the second World War in Malaysia; get to know what it is like to live and work in an Arabic country and learn how to survive Ramadan there; come to the Austria-Hungary border to meet the refugees; take a ride on crazy Zimbabwean buses; or drive through Europe in a camper-van.  It’s all here.  Please leave a comment  if you enjoyed the ride as much as I did, because I have enjoyed it enormously.  Happy travels!

Travels map

Although the captions don’t always mention it, credit for any quality photo, or photos of the author must go to Natasha.

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Stories of teaching and travelling. Mark Twain -Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. Henry Miller – One's destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.

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