8 thoughts on “Scotland”

  1. A nice collections of picture of Scotland. My French friends all loved Scotland. It’s possible that they didn’t like England much because of the historic enmity between France and England, but I prefer to think that it’s more a question of Scotland’s remoteness. Outside of Scandinavia, it’s hard to find that wild quality in Western Europe. As for me, I would definitely have included some breweries in the photos, and a little fiddle music, something they exported to my neighbors, the Canadians, as well as to the Appalachian folks in the States.

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    1. Thanks, Charlie. I would rather say to people that I am Scottish in these post-brexit times. And according to footie rules, given my ancestry, and if I were any good of course, then I could play for Scotland, and despite my lack of skill I could definitely play in goal for them. right now… by old-timer rules I could also play cricket for God’s Own. But I am even worse at cricket. And they don’t have goalkeepers. And they will still be out of Europe even if Scotland does get independence. I choose Scotland, just on the off-chance.

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      1. Love that you think of yourself as Scottish, I’m English and I’m not really bothered what the others want to do or be. I’ve always had the same opinion. Black, white, gay, straight, green, Martian, just be nice and be happy haha. Now as my wife is Scottish I could discover your religion by asking you what football team you support. Now that’s just plain strange to me but I’ve seen it happen when we were in a bar in Edinburgh. It’s a wonderful world we occupy ain’t it 😉

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  2. It sure is, Charlie. I am a nomad, not any more Scot than a citizen of any of the other countries I have lived in. So I could be Jordanian, French, English, Libyan or Slovak…. who knows? But I am fully with you on your acceptance-world-view here, Charlie. We are all people, just trying to do our best. And my religion, if you want to define it in footie, involves bankruptcy, expulsion from the football league and rising from the bottom tier (6 below league 2) to the Conference/national league – the Phoenix is our mascot now. We have no priest, nor minister. But we do have a club chaplain. We once had eight England Internationals in our team because they were stationed there during a brief spell in WW2. And yet we have never been higher than the (old) third division. So my religion may well be humanist for all those boys who passed through and whose brains were in their feet (what was that film set in a POW camp where someone said that?) So can you see what it is yet (as Rolf Harris – who once made a panting noise to my dog before later being denounced as a child abuser – once said)? Can you guess the team?


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