Île de Ré Idioms (answers)

  1. Groundhog Day – An event that seems to recur over and over again, or which seems depressingly familiar and predictable.
  2. nuke the fridge – The point at which something demonstrates itself to be of inferior quality to previous installments.
  3. phone a friend – An indication that someone requires help or advice addressing the issue in question.
  4. the usual suspects – The set of people or things that are usually associated with an event.
  5. does exactly what it says on the tin – Something that performs in precisely the way it claims to.
  6. phoned in – To do something in a half-hearted or uncommitted way.
  7. The computer said “no”.  – A situation where decisions are made based on computer-stored information rather than common sense, or where inflexibility prevents a seemingly straightforward resolution.
  8. jumped the shark – To go beyond the realms of credibility; the point at which something stretches plausibility to breaking point.
  9. the $64,000 question – A particularly important or important question or issue.
  10.  all-singing, all-dancing – Something that features an array of impressive features.
  11.  bucket list – A list of things to do before dying.
  12.  Walter Mitty – A daydreamer; someone who indulges in imagined flights of fancy regarding personal triumph.
  13.  collateral knowledge – Information learned as a by-product of researching or reading up on something else.
  14.  difficult, difficult, lemon difficult – An indication that a problem is not straightforward (the opposite of easy peasy, lemon squeezy).
  15.  need a bigger boat – An indication that a situation has been underestimated, or that the task in hand is going to require a different approach.
  16.  first world problems – Problems or annoyances that are sarcastically acknowledged to be comparatively minor compared to issues elsewhere in the world.
  17.  squeaky-bum time – A time of extreme nervousness or high tension.
  18.  turned up to eleven – Something increased beyond its normal limits.
  19.  hairdryer treatment – To shout fiercely and directly at someone whilst telling them off.
  20.  going postal – To become extremely, uncontrollably angry, often reacting in a violent way.
  21.  sliding door moment – A pivotal moment where a different decision could lead to an entirely different course of events.
  22.  Godwin’s Law – The maxim that the longer an argument goes on, the more likely it is that one of the people involved will compare the opposing side to the Nazis.
  23.  wardrobe malfunction – An unfortunate failure of clothing causing the wearer to be unintentionally exposed.
  24.  turning it off and on again – A piece of advice offered in any situation where a device is not functioning as expected.
  25.  “OK, boomer.” – A phrase used to dismiss or mock someone of the baby-boomer generation for expressing ideas that seem out-of-touch or condescending.
  26.  take the red pill – To choose to become more aware about a situation, learning the potentially unpleasant truth rather than remaining blissfully ignorant.
  27.  corridor of uncertainty – A situation where the right course of action is unclear.
  28.  park the bus – To set oneself up to defend a position at all costs.
  29.  Sophie’s choice – An impossible or extremely difficult decision with negative outcomes whatever choice is made.
  30.  mic-drop – An expression of triumph at the end of a speech or performance; an impressive action that has a show-stopping effect.
  31.  jumping the couch – To display frenetic or erratic behaviour.
  32.  no shit, Sherlock – A sarcastic exclamation to indicate that someone has stated something obvious.
  33.  It’s not rocket science – Used to suggest that something is relatively straightforward and uncomplicated.
  34.  mental safari – A period of brief insanity; a series of rash or stupid actions.
  35.  … is my middle name – An indication that X is a particular forte or interest of the person speaking.
  36.  all is quiet on the Western Front – An indication that nothing is happening, often with the implication of stagnation or boredom.
  37.  break the internet – to cause massive interest or reaction online.
  38.  Trigger’s Broom – Something that is claimed to be the same despite extensive modifications.

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