Knowing how to make the most of your time in Bratislava

Click the link above and you will understand why I used to pop in there on the way back from work when I got off the tram.  It’s a dusty old second-hand bookshop with lots of literature in English, Starbucks-style sofas and a bar/coffeehouse all rolled into one.  And just opposite is the Backpackers’ – THE place for live music, atmosphere and meeting strangers.

If you want some straight travel tips, I have published an article about getting the most from your stay in Bratislava which can be found here (there is a link of the home page too): 

Of course you will want to wander around the old town, maybe go out to Devin Castle or enjoy a walk up to the castle in the city itself, but this is more of an insider’s view of the city.  For traveler’s tales from Slovakia please see these posts: 

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