Cool camping in cornwall

Cool Camping is my go-to website when I am looking for somewhere to pitch up.  So what is it with that makes it a go-to website for campers?  It is quite simple really.  What you read is what you get.  And what you get is a campsite that for one or more reasons is out-ot-the-ordinary-exceptional.   Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Cornwall was a perfect example.  Read the review from Cool Camping here.

What I found was exactly what Cool Camping is about and exactly what they said I would find: a campsite which, for a number of reasons, lives up to the accolade of Cool Camping: something which goes beyond the expectations of a “normal” campsite.

Firstly, it is a business which is conscious of its environmental footprint.  So, half of the power used is generated by the wind turbine nearby.  It is not just a campsite; it approaches its role with an environmentally-conscious responsibility whilst supporting local artisans and craft-workers.  You will find here composting toilets, a common sense attitude towards its role in the local community (and especially during this pandemic), workshops from local artisans and a restaurant with a very chilled atmosphere using local produce.   You may be lucky and catch a gig in the amphitheatre.  But if that is not available, just go and use the pizza oven there. 

Then consider the fifteen-minute walk down an old copper-miners’ path to the village, where you will discover a surfers’ paradise and some great food to be had.  But consider equally the fact that a fifteen-minute walk down the steep valley will not be the same when walking back up the hill.  The night we were there, there was also a Middle-Eastern street market down in Porthtowan in the evening.  From the campsite there are superb views down the valley to the beach.  Or look over opposite and wonder about the lives of those who worked in the old copper mines and start to feel the history of this valley before the surfers arrived.  But most of all, just relax in a beautiful campsite and come away feeling re-energised for whatever the following week may throw at you.

Yet again, Cool Camping got it spot-on here.  The photos below will give you some idea of why this really is cool camping… hire a tent or a pod if you have not got your own tent or other accommodation; walk to the beach down a stunning valley; fire up a BBQ, wood-burner or fire pit; admire the environmentally responsible vibe; go with your pooch or your family – it will not disappoint.

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