6 of the best for Iona: why I am so proud of my internationally-minded daughter

Sweets – the international language of children
  1.  So you need to go and check this out for the first reason.   I can not even begin to express how proud I was of her for these weekends. It also has had a big influence on the person she is today.
READ: Refugees

2.  My daughter told me yesterday that her friend at school (older by one year), with an incredulous look on her face,  did not know who Barack Obama was. 

3. Iona (nee Mollie) was delighted to see the Donald Trump toilet paper I had put in the bathroom.   I had to tell her that she was rationed to one sheet per visit.

4. She was up for drawing pictures of Trump based on this (although I had not mentioned any Trump mistresses to her).  We had a really fun evening.

5. Iona also has a much better hit rate for countries visited to years of age than I have.  At 57 years, I have 80%.  At eleven years she has nearly 240%  (26 countries for 11 y.o.).

6.  She has always understood, even from when tiny, when our wanderlust is kicking in…

Iona (nee Mollie -she now uses her middle name) has grown into a beautiful young lady, as Tash’s photographs attest:

She also loves her doggie (PHOTO BY NATASHA):

Here are some of my favourite moments with Iona:

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