Golden Moments From Teaching Abroad Part 4 of the short blogs series: The British Embassy

If your classroom assistant is the wife of a “Cultural Attache” at the embassy, you may strike lucky and get invited to a slap-up formal lunch at the Ambassador’s residence.

In some places, where life is difficult for expats (like Libya, where you couldn’t officially buy alcohol), the Ambassador may invite the whole Remembrance Sunday congregation in the CWGC cemetery back to the residence for dinks and canapes. As British territory, the rules on alcohol did not apply and a fine wine was served.

It was the second entry into the register for a marriage in Jordan, where the young relief consul on his first posting, was so excited about one of his first duties being marrying us that he phoned his Dad, all excited, from the Brit Club, we later heard.

And talking of the Embassy Club, what a great place to go for a swim, pub quiz or to to join the football team.

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