Question: Did Somebody Just Murder Peaches? 12-09-17

And read the full story… with the ending completed.

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Sometimes you write just to get things off your chest. So I write this now because yesterday my chest was very nearly an ex-chest. Somebody inflicted GBH on Peaches. And damn near killed me.

I stay at work in a quiet corner of the car park next to a field on the edge of Exmoor during the week. It’s too far for a daily commute, until I start my new job in Plymouth. But this week we have our old buddies Eric and Ivana in from Bratislava for a couple of days home here in Totnes. They were going to come to work with me to see a British school – until they clocked Totnes (and realised it would mean leaving at 6:30am) and decided to spend the day here. Cooked us a meal for when we got home – nice house guests! So I was at home Monday night…

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