It’s a new word, a word for our times: a time of excess consumerism, especially during lockdown:

SIBBIOUSBILIA (sib-ee-us-bill-eee-a) noun – an acronym, meaning stuff (sometimes shit), I bought but I only used sporadically before I lost interest altogether. It is also used to describe the psychological state of buying such items obsessively. For example: “She suffers from sibbiousbilia,” or, “the house was jam-packed full of sibbiousbilia.”

But more to the point, sibbiousbilia explains why you can’t get into your garage. The one that is too small for modern cars and is filled with such junk. We don’t throw it out, give it away or sell it. I don’t know why.

Does anyone suffer, or live with someone who suffers from this debilitating condition? Does anyone know a cure for it?

4 thoughts on “Sibbiousbilia”

  1. Love this, Pete. I suffered a little as a younger man but then visited my new in-laws some years ago which completely cured me, haha.
    He had three sheds of ‘stuff that might come in handy’
    When he sadly passed away it took two of us a fortnight to dump it all and made many rats and mice homeless 😉

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  2. At last a name for my illness! Over the past few years I’ve tried to find a cure, but I’ve still got symptoms of Prime Amazonious behaviour, bringing fresh outbreaks direct to our house. When will it ever end?

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  3. A great time to call out stupid habits. As one ages, it becomes clear that acquisition and hoarding become a dangerous diversion. I think the American comedian George Carlin had a wonderful routine about “stuff” years ago. COVID lockdowns and other restrictions are an opportunity to sort it all out. Now, let’s see if I take my own advice seriously.

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    1. Dave, I just googled that and think that Mr. Carlin is my brother. How long ago was this, Dave? And BTW there is a big difference between “stuff” and the items that remind you of significant times in your life. So if you still have any artefacts from Morocco, then I allow you that. I’d love to know what they are… new post please?


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