What is a Sonnet?

I got to thinking about studying Shakespeare at school and how/why sonnets existed.  What were they and what is their place in expressing your ideas?  The answer is partly poems with strict rules.  It was quite interesting for me: can you express your ideas in a strictly prescribed form and still express your thoughts/emotions?  So I had a go… First of all THE RULES!

These are the rules of a sonnets: sonnets are broken into 4 sections, called quatrains.

They maintain a strict rhyme scheme:

ABAB  //  CDCD  //  EFEF  //  GG

The sonnet must have 14 lines.

Each line has 10 syllables.

Each line usually rhymes using the following syllable pattern:


Sonnets often describe a problem and solution, or question and answer.

The transition from problem to solution (or question to answer) is called the volta (turn).

Oh well… here goes…

Someone just twisted truth; good luck to them.

Maybe we’re all doing the best we can.

Truth twisters, self-seekers, women or men,

In the twists and turns, it’s just yin and yang.

How impossible for one little thing

To be negative from all points of view.

How impossible would it be to sing

Love songs to those who would climb over you?

Climb up or fall down but turn – look around.

It’s all the same when the push comes to shove:

You meet them on up and later on down,

Nod like two strangers, but both seeking love.

Understand: you’re my sister or brother,

Doing your best – forgive one another.

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