Do… Think… Feel…

I am not into New Year Resolutions. However, this is quite interesting. Fill in the above (Do/Think/Feel) and just see where it may take you.


I want to visit the ancient sites to do with the theories of Graham Hancock about an ancient forgotten episode or two of human history. I’ve followed him and read his books for decades and think he has a good point to make. I would like to visit Easter Island, Gobekli Tepi, Cappadocia, Machu Pichu, Angkor Wat and Lake Titicaca. At least a year’s worth of travel if you hurried a bit. Not much to ask for in the time I have left, but I want to judge the connections between ancient civilisations for myself, with my own eyes.


I do not accept any sort of idea of a fall from grace of humankind. Any promises made, forfeits incurred or falls from grace are not my own personal fault (reincarnations notwithstanding). So I am free to choose what I do without any guilt. My choices will make or break me. I hope for the former.

“I think, therefore I am… but I still think I don’t exist” – DesPeteCartes


What one feels on the inside is so often opposite to what is projected on the outside. If that is true for me, then I should not be so hasty in judging others.

Three simple words. DO, THINK, FEEL. Where will they take you in 2023? I’d love to know and find out. Please post your response.

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