I learnt today that Keith, who used to live in a caravan abandoned up the top of our road, has been living under a pile of pallets and a tarp in a dead-end lane hidden behind a hedge up there these past few mean, icy months.  

Someone took him Christmas dinner when he was in that ramshackle caravan one year.  Other people complained bitterly that he was responsible for lowering the prices they would hope for on their house sales and that he was inviting an onslaught of travellers to invade the area.

In summer, Keith would sleep in the woods sometimes. But Keith is just a human who struggles with life. I struggle with the air frier my wife got for Christmas.   

Now Keith has been put in a house and people are debating who actually owns that land, the dead-end track behind the hedge, and so is responsible for the debris he left behind. I bet he’ll be sleeping back in the woods come summer.

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