on the eve of brexit

I, for one, apologise to our children and their children for the mad mistake made by our generation.

I’m wearing all black tomorrow, I don’t know what else to do, such is the despair and disillusionment with what this country has become. I used to travel regularly to and from Europe with our dog… for one small example. Goodbye trips to and from, hello drawbridge. I am so, so sad. And the very second I can draw on my pure Scot Grandfather, if and when that ever makes a difference, I’ll be there! 40 years of co-operation have ensured peace in the the EU at least, and if Yugoslavia had joined then maybe there would not have been that fiasco. This is what my grandparents fought for: peace, stability, co-operation and tolerance in Europe. It seems that we have a government that does not believe in this. Ashamed to be British.

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